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Jerzy Gregorek on Hard Choices for an Easy Life

Episode Summary

Jerzy Gregorek, a former champion Olympic weightlifter and coach broke records and won awards throughout his career. These days, he’s a sage – someone who is filled with wisdom and advice and he joined the podcast to discuss how to live an easy life, by making hard choices.

Episode Notes

Jerzy lives by his own philosophy, and that is “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” It’s a simple, easily applicable mantra to for all of us to live by. As somewhat of a Renaissance Man in his post Olympic life, Jerzy dabbles in a lot of different areas to truly embrace his philosophy on life.

His passion is infectious and you can’t help but be inspired by his message, his story and his constant pursuit of becoming better. His interests and knowledge range from elite fitness coaching, to writing poetry and Greek philosophy.

Jerzy joins the podcast to reflect on how constantly challenging ourselves to find success by making hard choices, leads to a better, easier life.


13:15 What really shapes us? Challenges and “hard choices”.

20:15 What is the timeline for excellence? What commitment do we need to make to achieve excellence? There’s no instant fix.

28:00 The importance of aspirational figures to help guide us through the hard choices. Who do we look for when we want to grow?

34:00 Here we discuss how you can show what you are, not just say it. 

35:00 What is measurable goal setting? Make challenges, but challenges that are doable!

43:45 What is being “life flexible” and why it is important? How does an athletic quality apply to life too?