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Kirsten Moorefield on Patterns for Thriving

Episode Summary

Kirsten Moorefield, co-founder of, talks about how she believes that there is a “Pattern” behind successful people. You can empower yourself to find and utilize your unique skills and strengths to create amazing teams through Cloverleaf and other tools.

Episode Notes

Cloverleaf uses popular assessments to create a slow drip of insights that can significantly change how you approach your career. No one thinks and communicates the same way. By understanding your audience and team members on a deeper level, you can be a better manager, enterprise leader, and coach.

Kirsten talks about how recognizing different people’s strengths can build a foundation of understanding. By leaning into your strengths and confronting your weaknesses at work, you can create lasting benefits that stretch beyond your office and help you be a better you. 

As a leader, it’s about building the patterns and rhythms to help your team do what they excel at and be unleashed to do their best work.

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[2:14] What do you want from life and business? Finding what you’re good at, what you’re wired for, can help you succeed and work collaboratively with those around you. 

[5:55] Digital coaching nudges can help practically by creating a team dashboard that customizes insights based on who you’re working with and their unique traits.

[9:41] A new workplace superpower that transforms life outside the office. You can change your team for the better without pursuing outside resources or changing the members by understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

[12:41] You can bang yourself against the wall of productivity based on other people’s expectations. Still, you won’t perform or be your best until you stop fighting how you’re wired and learn how to work with it, not against it.

[14:05] When pursuing an entrepreneurial career, fill your team with people who can balance your weaknesses with their strengths. 

[17:30] Teams with psychological safety, where mistakes are something to grow from, are the most successful. It’s the growth mindset.

[19:40] Daily, recognize how you might assume something about others’ thinking.

[21:06] Balancing instruction versus providing wiggle room is crucial to Kirsten’s success as a manager and leader. Taking breaks to journal allows her to take a moment where the pressure is off, and ideas can freely flow.

[26:27] Assuming the person in front of you means the best, wants to learn, and can bring something to the table is putting the best foot forward. Every person has value.

[28:49] The Ocean Accelerator taught Kirsten and her partner to raise institutional capital with intelligent, experienced investors who can improve her company in ways that aren’t just about the money.

[32:24] Her current influential voices include her co-founder, and they’ve worked together to improve where they let go of the reigns a bit and let their people shine.

[36:06] Culture is about more than lunches. It’s the relationships and being proud of the work.